Dear Alumni,

Good evening!

I am delighted that another annual gathering is here bringing you excitement and stirring memories of your years at Sacred Heart School, Church Park. This gathering aims to connect you with your classmates and the whole school community, past and present. I feel privileged as the head of the institution to be part of this connectedness and celebrate your memorable years here as part of the tradition and heritage of Church Park. As I greet and warmly welcome you, I must remind you of this beautiful advent season of preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ into our lives and the world at Christmas time. Isn’t it true that the world needs more desperately the spirit of Christ, which is the spirit of Peace and Joy, the spirit of self sacrifice and service, the spirit of generosity and bigheartedness, the spirit of faith and love, the spirit of simplicity and sincerity, the spirit of caring and compassion? Not just for the world in general, but in our personal lives and our families. This is what I wish for you and your families this holy season of Christmas. May Christ be born all over again in your lives!

Christmas will blossom into the New Year, carrying over its abundant blessings into the days, weeks and months of 2018. What I find good at New Year is that we have a new chunk of time to start all over again. We could get rid of our unwanted baggage and take on things that lighten our burden and make our journey meaningful. We could learn to cherish more our family, friends and other innumerable blessings God has given us, and to begin again to put ourselves at the service of one another. We could start again to think less of ourselves and more of others, especially those in need. The New Year can inspire us to do what God wants us to do.

When a friend visited the famous Spanish painter El Grecgo at his home on a lovely spring afternoon he found him sitting in his room, the curtains tightly drawn. “Come out into the sunshine”, said the friend. “Not now”, El Grecgo replied. “It would disturb the light that is shining within me”. This story illustrates the truth that our inner light need not always depend on the outer light. There may be sunshine or darkness outside, but we can still be filled with light. Our inner peace and harmony, our ability to be the light to world, our capacity to love and serve, our discernment to distinguish between the good and the better, our longing to share our life with others – all these do not depend so much on other factors as they do on our own inner resources. So there can be no excuses for not putting our lives at the service of God and others. Hence the saying – “Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you”. When you were students at Sacred Heart, Church Park, you came in contact with the light of Christ, which many people helped light in your minds and hearts. Your parents were fabulous in firing you up with the lessons on love. The teachers of this school in so many different ways – through faith, education, values, discipline, kindness, understanding – helped you acquire the inner luminosity which to this day is shining all around you.

You were part of Sacred Heart once; you’ll always be part of its spirit. You have contributed toward the tradition and ethos of this place by your presence and your growth that happened in a marvelous way while you were here. Sacred Heart school will always cherish and celebrate you as having become an integral part of this renowned Institution.

May I invite you to come now and then, not just today to celebrate the memories of your childhood. Be engaged in the present journey of our school and its activities. Do think about how you may help our school projects and provide for its needs. And most of all keep your Alma Mater in your prayers and hearts.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! God bless you now and always!

Sr. Prabha



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