The Eco club assembly was conducted on March 5th 2024. The assembly focused on raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable actions within the school community. It began with an introduction highlighting the importance of environmental conservation and the role of the Eco club in fostering a culture of sustainability.

The assembly featured presentations on various topics such as the impact of plastic pollution, the importance of recycling, and the benefits of adopting eco-friendly practices. Students shared informative videos, mime, dance, song and personal anecdotes to engage the audience and emphasize the urgency of taking action to protect the planet.

In addition, the assembly showcased the Eco club's initiatives and achievements, including campus clean-up events, recycling drives, and the implementation of eco-friendly practices such as seed ball preparation, composting and reducing single-use plastics. At the end of the assembly Eco club students distributed the hand made seed balls to all the teachers.

The assembly concluded with a call to action, urging students to join the Eco club, support sustainability initiatives, and be conscientious stewards of the environment. It inspired students to take responsibility for their actions and become advocates for positive change in their school and community.



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