We are all part of the environment we live in and the solution to many environmental problems lie in our attitude towards the environment. Be it awareness to keep our surroundings clean or the realization to conserve natural resources by re-using and recycling wherever possible, they all are attitudinal. On the surface it looks simple but changing the attitude of 100 crore people is not going to happen overnight. The best way to attempt to bring about a change in the attitude in the society is through children. They have no vested interests, they are impressionable. They are the future. They are the main influence in any family. With this realization, we have channeled our efforts in this direction of saving the environment. As the years roll by, it becomes important for us to emphasise on our objectives and work towards excellence.

To foster central and critical thinking on environmental safety and security.

To develop a pragmatic approach to environmental degradation.

To spread awareness and educate students on the impact of economic reforms on agriculture and thereby the food security of our country.

To instill economic thinking in relation to mismanagement of resource and bio diversity.

  • Growing of more trees in school, at home and in all available spaces.
  • Rain water harvesting in school.
  • Cleanliness campaign and maintaining hygiene and clean the environment/surroundings.
  • Emphasising on the concepts of ‘No Plastic and Polythene materials.
  • “Seeds to Table” concept that involves growing and eating our food straight from the field.

Organic food-Expanding horizons of education have indicated towards making the developmental simple by becoming aware about various problems.As the sun rises,environmental elements bring liveliness to the eco system by co-operating with each other.And as you all know , our school has taken the first step to renew energy by taking to install solar panels and we are proud to belong to Sacred Heart’s Eco Club.

Eco Club – Activities

Eco Club was started two decades back with the aim to create awareness among the students about eco-friendliness. We aim at making eco-friendliness a way of life. The following activities are regularly done. MESA(Make Earth Smile Again). In this programme our students collected waste paper, plastic plates ,degradable wastes etc; and put it in to the processing machine and collect manure. We also had a Eco hut where we grew plants and stored the degradable waste.

PAPER MAN(Paper Recycling)

In this initiative we collected loads of newspaper and paper materials from the students and sold the accumulated paper. The money that we obtained from selling the newspapers was used to educate girl children all over India. With the paper we contributed,we saved eight trees and educated six girl children.


Being one of the best eco-friendly schools in the city, we have our own herbal garden within our school campus, covering an area of about 1500 sq.feet. We brought various herbal plants such as Aloevera, Tulsi,lemon grass etc. The children make sure that the plants are watered regularly. We have a “paddy field” for about 400 sq.ft.We cultivate paddy organically, harvest and with that rice we cook pongal and celebrate the “Harvest festival – PONGAL” in the school campus. Apart from paddy, we are growing a number of vegetables and greens also in the campus.

We have planted more than 200 bamboo sapling to purify the air as bamboos produce more oxygen.

We have planted more plants as a landscape in the entrance of our school campus along with beautiful terracotta to enhance the green environment in the school campus.


The students from stds. 6 to 12 made posters and banners displaying quotes and slogans relating to creating a eco-friendly world and to create awareness among the students.





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